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Preview of cPanel dashboard for Themely WordPress Installer
Preview of cPanel dashboard for Themely WordPress Installer
Preview of cPanel dashboard for Themely WordPress Installer
Preview of WHM Dashboard for Themely WordPress Installer

Beautiful, Free Themes

Offer your clients high-quality, free & secure WordPress themes from talented creators around the world. New themes added every week.

One-Click Installer

User-friendly, simple & fast auto-installer with clean & simple interface even first-time WordPress users can use.

Reduce Support Tickets

To reduce WordPress related support tickets we provide links to documentation & tutorials for WordPress.

Increase Security

We set secure default WordPress usernames, passwords and database table prefixes.

Automatic Updates NEW FEATURE

Performs a weekly check for new releases and will update automatically.

Quality & Security Control

We only approve themes that successfully pass our manual quality & security review process (we adhere to the official theme security guidelines).

Latest WordPress

Only the latest, stable version of WordPress installed. The plugin downloads WordPress directly from the repository and doesn't modify any core files.

WP Admin SSO

After successful installation users can automatically sign in to their WordPress Admin Dashboard.

WHMCS Integration

We provide a hook file to integrate with WHMCS billing system and automatically install WordPress on new accounts. We also provide code to add a shortcut in the Quick Shortcuts panel of WHMCS.


Now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. Themely will automatically detect your users locale settings and load the relevant language strings. Join the translation to suggest a new language.

Bundle Plugins

Bundle up to 5 plugins with each WordPress installation. Plugins can be self-hosted or from the official WordPress Plugin Repository.

WordPress Manager NEW FEATURE

Quickly access and manage existing WordPress sites. Includes link to admin dashboard, ability to toggle core updates, debug mode, error logs, WP memory limit and delete button.

Live Demo

We've set up a tiny cloud server with a cPanel license for you to try the plugin

You'll need the following credentials to log in:

  • Username: wpthemespot
  • Password: Contact us for password

Once logged in click on WordPress Installer in the Software section.

Log in and try the demo

System Requirements

What you need to successfully run our plugin

  • Linux server running CentOS 6+, CloudLinux or RHEL
  • Valid cPanel/WHM license
  • PHP Version 5.6.0 or later
  • Curl Support (with SSL)
  • ionCube Loader 10.1.0 or later

For information on cPanel/WHM system requirements visit:

cPanel/WHM Documentation

Installation Instructions

To install the plugin follow the instructions below

Step 1

Run the following commands as root,

wget -N
chmod 755

Step 2

Navigate to WHM > Plugins > Themely to activate weekly automatic updates.

Step 3

Proceed to the Integration section to connect our services with your website and billing & management platforms like WHMCS.

Update Instructions

To update the plugin to the latest version, follow the instructions below

Run the following commands as root,

wget -N
chmod 755

Removal Instructions

To uninstall the plugin follow the instructions below

Step 1

Log in to WHM > Plugins > Themely and deactivate the server.

Step 2

Run the following commands as root,

wget -N
chmod 755


Connect your website and billing & management services

WHMCS Addon Module
  • Display free themes during checkout
  • Customers can select a theme to install
  • Automatically install WordPress for new accounts
  • Automatically install selected theme for new accounts
Install Instructions
WHMCS Quick Shortcut

Add a shortcut to our WordPress installer within the Quick Shortcuts panel.

Install Instructions
Display Themes Directory

Display themes and show customers what they can build to increase conversions and revenue for WordPress hosting by embedding our directory of high-quality, free themes directly into your website. Adjust the width and height by customizing the style attribute.

<object id="themely" data="" style="width:100%;height:750px;overflow-y:scroll;"></object>

If you prefer more flexibility displaying our directory download our directory script and customize according to your needs.

Building Themely was a solution to business problem. After running a WordPress development agency for several years, we found the biggest challenge was distribution. With rising expenses for hosting companies it seemed like the perfect time to introduce a free solution that can help hosting companies deliver value and decrease licensing expenses. And, at the same time, provide a reliable distribution channel for the most talented WordPress creators around the world. - Hans Desjarlais, Founder & CEO @hansdesjarlais

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your plugin free?

Yes, it's completely free. There's no contract and you can cancel any time.

How do you make money?

We charge theme creators a fee to list their free or freemium themes in our directory.

Are themes in your directory really free?

Yes, they're completely free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

What are freemium themes?

They are the free version of premium themes and are completely free to use.

Why freemium themes?

The vast majority of the best, free WordPress themes available online are all freemium. Theme creators who produce freemium themes are motivated and incentivized to produce the highest quality themes and provide the quickest customer support.

How are themes in the directory licensed?

All WordPress themes in our directory are licensed GNU GPL and completely free for personal or commercial use.

Get Help/Contact Us

Whether you're a hosting company or a theme developer, we're here to help. If it's to get assistance with our plugin/service or to suggest new features; we're here to listen. Here's how you can reach us.

Call or text on Whatsapp
+1 (514) 883-0132

Time Zone
Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4)

Spoken & written languages
English, Français & Español